No shutdown of WindowsXP with IE7 and Modbus driver of UnityPro



Goals and Symptoms

No shutdown of WindowsXP with Internetexplorer V7.0, if the Modbus driver is installed (e.g. from CD Drivers V2.6 of UnityPro). The shutdown of windows is not possible, if you Log OFF a session and LOG ON the same session again:
- You start windows (Modbus is visible in the status line of Windows)
- You close the session (Log OFF)
- You choose the session again

--> If you now choose Close (Log OFF) or Shut down, it doesn't work. You have to close the modbus driver for shutting down windows.

Facts and Changes

Modbus driver e.g. from CD Drivers V2.6 or older
WindowsXP with SP1, SP2 or SP3 (Vista is not affected)
Internetexplorer V7.0

Causes and Fixes

Install attached NA_Service.exe.


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