Downloading application to UNITY PLC in Dim Awareness with an NOE.



Downloading application to UNITY PLC in Dim Awareness with an NOE.

Product Line
All Quantum '140NOE771 xxx' modules.


Use the following steps to download a Unity application to a Quantum PLC that is in dim awareness.

  • Create a UNITY application with the NOE configured in the rack. The Ethernet connection should be
configured with the default IP address .
  • Save the application.
  • Power up the PLC. (The NOE module will show a RED fault light because it has not been
configured yet.)
  • Connect to the PLC using the default IP address of the NOE module.
  • Download the application to the PLC, (the RED fault light will go out during the transfer )

Note: If you use a different IP address in the NOE configuration, the transfer of the PLC application will
appear to be locked up when the message 'Waiting for end of transfer' appears. This is normal
because the default IP address has been changed to the new address and the IP address that
UNITY used to connect to the PLC is no longer valid.

To resolve the problem:
  • Cancel the transfer by clicking on the 'Cancel' button in the message window.
  • Connect to the PLC using the new configured IP address. (the PLC rack view will show
the modules with a RED status indication.)
  • Dowload the application again to the PLC. (When it finishes downloading, the RED indicator on
the rack view will change to WHITE.

Note: It takes a little over 2.5 minutes for the unconfigured NOE to go through its boot up sequence
and obtain an IP address. To ensure that enough time has been given to allow the NOE to
boot up, it is recommended to wait for 3 minutes after powering up a PLC rack that contains
an unconfigured NOE module. If you try to connect to the PLC before the NOE completes the
boot up sequence, the connection will fail.