How to copy networks between two Modsoft databases.



Goals and Symptoms

To copy networks from one Modsoft database into another Modsoft database.

Causes and Fixes

The example procedure below shows you how to copy five networks from one Modsoft database and paste them into another Modsoft database.

1 - Open the target Modsoft database and go to the Segment Status Display window screen.

2 - Select <F4-Editors>, then <F6-Library>.

3 - Enter the source Modsoft database filename and then select <F4-Editors>, then <F5-Network List>. This will open the Network List of the target Modsoft database located to the right half of the window screen.

4 - Select <F4-Edit>, then using the up and down arrow keys highlight the first network to be copied. Select <F1-Copy>and then use the arrow keys to select any remaining networks. Hit the <ENTER> key, this places them into the buffer.

5 - Go back to the Modsoft target database Segment Status Display window screen.

6 - Select the segment location where you want to paste the networks.

7 - Select <F4-Editors>, then <F5-Network List>.

8 - Select the network location number where you want the networks entered and then select <F4-Edit>, then <F3-Paste>.