Cyberlogic MBX Driver V6 and V7 with VISTA32



Goals and Symptoms

The Update from MBX driver V6 to V7 in VISTA32 does not work. The MBX Driver Configuration does not show any installed driver. Mostly the MBX device in the device manager shows an error.

Facts and Changes

The MBX driver V7 is validated and usable with VISTA32. The MBX driver V6 is not validated for VISTA32 but you can install the driver as administrator and he works.

Causes and Fixes

The uninstall of the MBX driver V6 does not work correctly with VISTA. You have to uninstall the the MBX devices manually in the device manager. With the right mouse button on the device driver you have to choose "Uninstall". In the now opening window you have to mark "Delete the driver software from this device". This can be done after or before installation of the MBX driver V7. If you do it after installation of V7, you have to repair sometimes the "Schneider Electric - MBX Driver Suite" in "Uninstall or change Program" of the control panel. See also attachment.


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