Is there a way to do a CROSS-REF BROWSER and add in the Operand using TwidoSuite to do a search?



Goals and Symptoms

Step by step instructions on using the cross reference browser in TwidoSuite.

Causes and Fixes

Once you open a project and go to PROGRAM tab and EDIT PROGRAM you will see the following screen.

At the bottom of TwidoSuite you will see an icon that looks like a spider web, this is the cross reference browser.

Once you click on it you will see the following pop up on the right side

Where the operand is you can enter an operand for example %m1. It will now show all the sections, locations, and operand that it shows up in.

To see any one of them just highlight the one you want to go to and it will bring you to where it is in logic and highlight it.

Note: Twido and the software TwidoSuite were obsoleted in Dec.2015, The replacement for this is the M221 product family with SoMachine Basic software  (a free download). The SoMachine Basic software will import the Twido program into SoMachine Basic. Questions on this  you can contact your local Schneider Electric Office.