How do you configure a Run/Stop bit in TwidoSuite for a Twido Controller?



How to configure a run/stop bit for the Twido controller.

Product line:
All Twido Controllers

Twidosoft, Twidosuite


To show how to configure a Run/Stop bit for a Twido Controller using TwidoSuite.


To be able to set up a Run/Stop bit in using TwidoSuite you will need to do the following steps.
Open the program and go to program and configure tab.

At this point depending on what controller that you have selected you will have an input that you can configure as a Run/ Stop bit. This will be an input between %I0.0 to %I0.23 depending on the model number. Select the input that you want to be the Run/Stop bit.

Once you have selected and download this into the controller your first input will control your Run/Stop. In this case it will be %I0.0.

Note: the Twido has been obsolete since 2016 and has been replaced with the M221, The M221 has a start/stop switch on the front of every M221.