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Quantum CPUx13 EXEC rev 2.43 and 2.44 use wrong time base



Goals and Symptoms

The EXECs rev 2.43 and 2.44 for the Quantum CPU 113 02 / CPU 113 03 / CPU 213 04 (q186v243.bin, q186v244.bin)

    • and CPU 113 02S /CPU113 03S / CPU 213 04S (q1sv243E.bin and q1sv244E.bin) use a wrong time base.
      The time base is about 20% too fast.

Facts and Changes

The bug results in wrong time behavior of:
- System functions like Online PLC scan time and the application watch dog timer.
- All time dependent IEC-EFBs like TON, TOF, FREERUN, SYSCLOCK etc.
- All time dependent LL984-Instructions like T.01, T0.1, T1.0, PCFL etc.

The internal RTU time (Time of Day clock) is not affected.

Previous Concept 2.6 SR4 (PN:33002308.07) contained the EXEC version 2.43.
Meanwhile the Concept V2.6 SR 4 CD has been updated. PV08/RL08 contains EXEC rev 2.45
Patch B for Concept 2.6 SR4 contains the EXEC version 2.44.
Patch C for Concept 2.6 SR4 contains the EXEC version 2.45.

Causes and Fixes

Use EXEC rev 2.45 (q186v245.bin or q1sv245E.bin) or higherThe EXEC s also are available on

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL192127 V1.0, Originally authored by EcMO on 06/12/2008, Last Edited by EcMO on 06/12/2008
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