Which version of TSX C USB MBP driver can be used on Magelis iPC with Vijeo-Designer?



Goals and Symptoms

TSX C USB MBP driver version 6 is not compatible with Vijeo-Designer Runtime installed on Magelis iPC. All current Vijeo-Designer versions are concerned.

Facts and Changes

Concerned PRODUCTS:
Vijeo-Designer 4.6 and older versions
Magelis Compact iPC, Smart iPC and XBT GTW

Causes and Fixes

All current versions of Vijeo-Designer including V4.6 are not compliant with TSX C USB MBP driver V6.
HMI Level 3 support will provide TSX C USB MBP driver V1.36 on demand to the customers.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL191266 V1.0, Originally authored by ArGr on 02/26/2008, Last Edited by ArGr on 02/26/2008
Related ranges: Modbus Plus, Magelis Compact iPC, Magelis Smart, Magelis XBT GTW