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What is the accuracy of the adjustment under voltage setting?



Goals and Symptoms

If I set the volatge to 208V nominal, then I set the under voltage trip point at -5%, that's = 198V. What it the accuracy of the 198V under voltage setting? Does the relay trip anywhere in between 178V-218V?? (+-10% of 198V ???)

Facts and Changes

accuracy of dropout when set for a particular percentage.

Causes and Fixes

The accuracy of a voltage setting is given in catalogue by the "setting accuracy" caharacteristic. You have to understand that it is the accuracy of the potentionmeter position according to the marking on the front face.
If you set the potentiometer at -10% (with Un= 208V => 187V), then the real voltage setting will be between 9% and 11% of Un(185V and 189V), +/-10% of 10.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL191100 V1.0, Originally authored by LaBe on 02/15/2008, Last Edited by LaBe on 02/15/2008
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