How to configure the Modbus port parameters when connecting to another Modbus device using TwidoSuite?



Goals and Symptoms
Step by step procedure on configuring Modbus parameters using TwidoSuite.
Causes and Fixes
1) Select the Twido controller that you will be using.

2) Select the device that you want to use from the list, (in this case it is a Magelis).

3) Move your pointer over the Twido com port to connect the line to them Magelis. (where the @1 with the circle is you will see the pointer turn to a fan shape and right click with the mouse on this and drag it to the dot on the other device).

4) When on the dot of the device let go of the mouse and you will see the following ( a line that connects the devices and will show the network name, number and baud rate).

5) Double click or right click on the (my network 19200) you will see the following:

6) From this point you can rename the network and change any of the Modbus parameters.

Note: The Twido product line was obsoleted 12/31/2016 and has been replaced by the M221 with SoMachine Basic software and you can import your Twido project into the M221.