UnityPro and extended desktop with a second display



Goals and Symptoms

UnityPro is not designed for use with a extented desktop on a second monitor. The following problems are known for this configuration:
1. Using variable window and others in the extended desktop
If you want to replace a variable at a FB or a contact, you can click on the variable. Then you can open a window with "..." for choosing an existing variable from a list. This window can now moved to the extended desktop.
Then you close this window and UnityPro and deactivate the extended Monitor option in the Display Properties. If you start then UnityPro again and want to open this variable list with "..." you do not see the window. Now you have no access to UnityPro, because the hidden window blocks all other windows of UnityPro. There exist some other windows with the same behavior. Problem from internal OPR 20042974.
2. Parameterscreens of I/O modules on the main desktop
You are working on the main desktop. In the I/O module configuration screen, you CANNOT access any of the pull down selection items under the Configuration tab. e.g. if you use a TSXAEY414 you cannot change Range and Filter for the Channnels. This problem exists for Premium and M340 screens but not for Quantum. Problem from internal OPR 20041369.

Facts and Changes

UnityPro all Versions.
The extended desktop is typically available with notebooks and an additional Monitor or Desktops with 2 Monitors connected. You can choose this mode in the Display properties / Settings / Extend my windows desktop onto this monitor.

Causes and Fixes

Workaround for Problem1, if the external monitor is not connected:
When you open the window (variables list for example) it will be invisible because the external monitor is not connected but it is really open. Pressing the keys Alt + Spacebar then the down arrow key and then and enter key.At this point keep the left arrow key pressed until the window becomes visible on the main monitor.

No workaround for Problem2! You cannot use 2 displays. Problem will be solved with a new graphic library, which is planned for UnityPro V5.0.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL190838 V2.0, Originally authored by KlSP on 01/29/2008, Last Edited by KlSP on 02/04/2008
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