171CCC9x0x0 M1E Processor 984LL Exec. Upgrade to v.1.28



Release Notice

The purpose of this resolution is to inform Momentum M1E users that the 984LL Exec. has been upgraded to version 1.28 on Jan 4, 2008.

Goals and Symptoms

984LL Exec version 1.28 resolves the following issues:

  • 1) Fixes a problem in the M1E web page where the 'TCP Retry' counter would increment every time a TCP MSTR Function Block was activated.

    2) The PSH flag is no longer set in the SYN or FIN. Previous versions of the Exec would set the PSH flag in the SYN or FIN.

    3) The M1E will now respond to a second ARP request.

    4) Crash code 631 would occur under certain conditions

    5) Fixes an issue if two or more MSTRs are programmed in logic, randomly one of the MSTRs may stop operating (freeze) for up to 3-5 minutes before recovering on its own.

Facts and Changes

This resolution affects the following processors:
· 171CCC98030
· 171CCC96030
· 171CCC98020
· 171CCC96020

  • Note: It is recommended to power cycle the M1E immediately after downloading an Exec.

Causes and Fixes

Installing 984LL Exec. v.1.28 resolves the above mentioned issues.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL190558 V3.0, Originally authored by DaDz on 01/08/2008, Last Edited by DaDz on 04/11/2008
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