STB Module Information Availability via CAN Fieldbus



Goals and Symptoms

The purpose of this resolution is to point out that STB module diagnostic information can be read over the CAN fieldbus.

Facts and Changes

By default, 400xh objects are in the exported CAN .eds file created in Advantys Configuration Software. They are not displayed in the ACS island fieldbus image. They may be selected from the exported file in Sycon.and added to the .co file.
For instance:

Index 4004h will display a 1 for the module removed from an island.
Index 4005h will display a 1 indicating a module status register error.

In Advantys Configuration Software on-line Hardware Help for the CAN NIM, you can find 400x object descriptions under Fieldbus Communication Support.


Causes and Fixes

See Facts and Changes for information.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL190503 V1.0, Originally authored by WeDa on 12/29/2007, Last Edited by WeDa on 12/29/2007
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