STB High Resolution Analog Module Auto Addressing Problem



Goals and Symptoms

This resolution alerts STB users that an auto addressing problem can occur when High Resolution Analog Input modules are used in an island. It also documents a fix for the problem.

Facts and Changes

1. When a large island, ie: 25 30 I/O, contains at least one of the listed modules, it may exhibit auto addressing problems after any of the island modules is hot swapped.

Modules of concern are:


2. Power cycle of a CPS or BOS module effectively creates a hot swap scenario. If installed in an island and providing power to the above modules, power cycle of the CPS or BOS can also result in auto addressing problems. The section of an island which receives its 5VDC power would be affected.

3. NIM type has no impact on this issue.

Causes and Fixes

Following these incidents, a power cycle of the island NIM is required to resume operation of all island modules.

Modules with the minimum SVs listed below will not display the problem. Since firmware changes to the modules are required, they are not field upgradeable.

STBAVI0300 SV: 01.11 STBACO0120 SV: 01.11
STBACI0320 SV: 01.04 STBACO0220 SV: 01.04
STBACI8320 SV: 01.04 STBAVO0200 SV: 01.11
STBAVI1400 SV: 01.11
STBACI1400 SV: 01.11

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL188057 V2.0, Originally authored by WeDa on 09/13/2007, Last Edited by WeDa on 09/21/2007
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