How do you add an AS-i device in TwidoSuite?



Goals and Symptoms

Step by step instructions to ad in an AS-i device using TwidoSuite

Causes and Fixes

How to add AS-I device from a catalog.
Once the program is open and you are in the configuration tab and the TWDNOI10M3 has been added to the Controller, double click on the TWDNOI10M3 and the following will show.

Insert from catalog button on the bottom of the screen or you can also select the button to the left of it to add to catalog. You will also need to select the address of the AS-i device for the module configuration.

Select the family and the device to see the following information on the right side for the device that was selected.

The following information will now give the Permanent characteristics along with the Profile and addressing.

NOTE:  Twido is obsolete as of 12/31/2016 and is replaced with the M221 family and the M221 does not support the AS-i protocol and is recommended o replace with Ethernet or RS-485.