Under Certain Conditions, an STBNIP2212 Will Default to its MAC Derived IP Address when Power Cycled Using Exec. v.2.27



Release Notice

The purpose of this resolution is to inform users that the STBNIP2212 Ethernet NIM could default to the MAC derived IP address under certain conditions.

Goals and Symptoms

An STBNIP2212 containing an Exec less than version 2.27, has an IP address saved in memory, and has its rotary switch set to Internal, will retain its configured IP address on a power cycle.

If an STBNIP2212 Exec is upgraded to version 2.27, the configured IP address will not be assigned to the Ethernet NIM on a power cycle. Instead, the STBNIP2212 will assign its MAC derived IP address to the module. This is because version 2.27 now requires a valid Gateway IP and Subnet Mask to also be saved with the IP address.

The version web page 1.19.6 and higher checks for a valid Subnet Mask and Gateway address when the new IP is saved and will warn the user if something is not valid on that page. Using any previous web page version does not warn the user (using Exec 2.27) that a Gateway and Subnet Mask must be entered.

Causes and Fixes

Whenever an Ethernet NIM Exec is upgraded to version 2.27 or higher, a valid Subnet Mask and Gateway IP address must be saved with the IP address. It is recommended to upgrade to the latest Web page to version (1.19.6) when Exec version 2.27 is installed.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL187313 V1.0, Originally authored by DaDz on 07/31/2007, Last Edited by DaDz on 07/31/2007
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