UnityPro V3.0 using M340 creates an error message, if you have no administrator rights



Goals and Symptoms

If you want to open or create a project for the M340 with UnityPro V3.0, you get sometimes an error message, that the "CANopen Database Server has encountered a problem and needs to close". This happens if you have no full administrator or power user rights in Windows. In most cases you can quit this error message and work without restrictions. In some few cases UnityPro crashes creating a new project.
This restriction exists not for Premium or Quantum projects.

Facts and Changes

UnityPro V3.0
Open Project for M340

Causes and Fixes

To avoid this error message you have always to work with administrator or power user rights.
A solution is planned for UnityPro V4.0.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL187216 V4.0, Originally authored by KlSP on 07/23/2007, Last Edited by KlSP on 08/09/2007
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