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Long openning time when using several applets within a custom web page via IE7



Goals and Symptoms

FactoryCast and FCHMI applications propose a feature to build your custom web pages in the modules.
Long loading time is observed via Internet Explorer 7 if your custom web page is containing more 20 applets.

Causes and Fixes

Indeed, there is a performance problem when using several applets (>20) within a webpage. This is due to the changes made to activate controls within Internet Explorer 7.

Microsoft Support Level3 has responded that this was critical issue. He won't be able to provide a patch in the short time.
Maybe, Microsoft will fix this issue in the next service pack.

However for the moment, Microsoft suggests a workaround in order to avoid this loading issue.
The workaround is a javascript file allowing to activate automatically the applets.

In order to use this workaround, you have to perform the following actions:

1. Download the Javascript Script file,
function parameter(sName, sValue)
{ = sName;
this.value = sValue;

function LiveApplet(codeBase,archive, code, width, height, paramList)
document.write('<APPLET codebase="' + codeBase + '" archive="' + archive + '" code="' + code + '" width="' + width + '" height="' + height + '" >');
for (i=0; i<paramList.length ; i++)
document.write('<PARAM name="'+ paramList[i].name +'" value="'+ paramList[i].value +'">');


2. Unzip and upload the javascript file in the same directory containing the custom web pages,

3. Modify your custom web page in order to replace the old applet coding by the javascript code,

HTML Page Sample
<--! Include the javascript file in your web page -->
<script src="Applets.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">

<--! Create a new array according to the number of applet parameters -->
var paramList4 = new Array(6);

<--! Create each parameter with these name and value -->
paramList4[0] = new parameter("LABEL_WIDTH","0");
paramList4[1] = new parameter("UNITS","Mhz");
paramList4[2] = new parameter("UNITS_WIDTH","25");
paramList4[3] = new parameter("VALUE_ALIGN","RIGHT");
paramList4[4] = new parameter("ADDRESS","%KF0");
paramList4[5] = new parameter("DATATYPE","REAL");

<--! Call the LiveApplet method to build an applet -->

The provided solution isn't released. The frontpage plugin is not compliant with the javascript code, you won't be able to use the macro for the automatic generation.
The R&D team will include the final resolution in a next release. But for the moment, I recommend to use if possible the graphic editor and viewer.



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Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL186787 V2.0, Originally authored by AlPa on 07/10/2007, Last Edited by AlPa on 09/14/2007
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