The purpose of this Resolution is to show a User how to password protect a panel using Vijeo Designer v4.5.




Password protect a panel using Vijeo Designer v4.5.

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Password Protecting Panels Vijeo Designer
Password Protecting Panels with Vijeo Designer v4.5
This document is intended to demonstrate to a user how to password protect a panel using Vijeo Designer v4.5.

Create a new project and add a second panel by right clicking on Graphical Panel and choosing New Panel.

Next Click on the Tool Chest Tab and open the Security folder.

Displays the Login Screen
Button which give access to the Login Screen
Button which give access to the Login Screen
Displays the User Management Screen

Place the System Login button and the Logout button onto Panel 1 of the project.

Now place a Text Box Panel 1 and a switch onto Panel 1

For the Switch Settings change the Operation to Panel, the Panel ID to 2, click the Add button and then OK.

Next go to Panel 2 and add a Text Box Panel 2

Now in the Navigator Right Click on Security and choose New Group then Right Click again and choose New User.

The New User window will open and allow you to set a Username and Password for the Security Group. Note: More than one Security Group can be created with a different set of Users for each Group.

Next Enable Security by choosing Use Security from the drop down menu of the Target Security section in the Security Property Inspector.

Now Double Click on Panel 2 in the Navigation Tree to open the Property Inspector for Panel 2 and choose the Security Group from the Security Level menu.

Save the project and run a Simulation by Right Clicking on Target 1 and choosing Start Simulation. This will do a build of the project and open a Simulator to test the project.

First try to access panel 2 by hitting the switch

Since we havent logged in an error message is displayed

Hit the X to close this box and then hit the System Login button to open the Login Screen

Click on Name to open the keyboard and type in the Username and then do the same for the Password. Note: These entries are Case Sensitive.

After typing in the User Name and Password hit the Login Button (1). The * in the Password field will disappear and the Current User will change from <none> to the User Name. Finally hit the Home Key (3) to return to Panel 1.

Now hitting the Switch on Panel 1 will grant access to Panel 2

Note: The User will remain Logged in until the button is pressed.