Datatype restrictions for custom librarys



Goals and Symptoms

Normal behaviour: If you want to put a DFB into a custom library, the DFB and all used DDT types are copied to the library.
Issue: But if an Input parameter of a DFB has as type an array of a structured DDT type, the DDT type is not copied to the library. Then you cannot use this library in other projects and you cannot create a installable library, which is working. No error occurs during the transfer of the DFB into the library.

Facts and Changes

All UnityPro versions up to UnityPro V4.0

Causes and Fixes

Workaround 1
Replace the array with a DDT type containing this array.
Hint: In some few cases it can happen, that the category of a DDT is changing through copying a DFB into the library. But if the DFB from the library is used in the project, the DDT gets the original category. In this case some error messages can occure, but the library is usable.

Workaround 2
Do not use libraries. Export the DFBs in your old application and import them in the new one.

Solution is planned for UnityPro V4.0.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL182604 V1.0, Originally authored by KlSP on 03/13/2007, Last Edited by KlSP on 03/13/2007
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