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How to configure a Modicon Micro PLC



Goals and Symptoms

How to configure a Modicon Micro (i.e., 61200, etc.) PLC in ProWORX 32.

Facts and Changes

All versions of ProWORX 32

Causes and Fixes

The following steps can be used to to configure a Modicon Micro PLC in 'ProWORX 32'

  • Create a project.
  • Select the Modicon Micro model number (i.e., Micro612/0) from the drop down list.

  • Double click on the 'Configuration' tab.
  • Click on the 'Micro I/O Module' textbox and click on the drop down arrow.
  • Select the operating mode for the 'Micro 612' (i.e., parent)
  • Click on the entry field for the 'Ranges' type (i.e., 0xxxxx)
  • Enter the number of registers that you want to use (i.e., 1200).

If a child PLC is required:
  • Click on the entry field for the 'Children'
  • Enter the number of children.
  • Click on the "Apply' button.
  • Save the changes.
  • Close the 'Configuration' window.

  • Double click on the 'Traffic Cop' to open it.
  • Click on the I/O type (i.e., MIC147) from the 'Rack 01' tree

  • Double click on 'Input Reference' and type in the numbers that you want and hit the 'ENTER' key..
  • Save the changes.

  • Repeat the above steps for the child PLC.

Note: Proworx NXT and the Micro are obsolete and the recommended replacement  is the M340 line and Unity Pro, there are quick wiring adapters so no reqireing is needed for any of the Compact I/O modules.