Mirror test for the XIP driver returns an incorrect response.



Goals and Symptoms

The mirror test for the 'XIP' driver returns an incorrect response.

Facts and Changes

All versions of the XIP driver

Causes and Fixes

If you connect to the Premium PLC to perform an 'XWAY' mirror test with the 'XIP' driver using
the default address that appears in the 'Schneider Drivers Management Properties' window, the
result will appear to be fine.

When you click on the 'Start' button to start the mirror test, the following error will get returned.

The error is getting returned because either the network ID for the remote address is is not the same
as that for the local host or the 'XIP' profile is not bound to the Ethernet network adapter card

The profile for the 'XIP' driver profile gets bound to the Network Interface card by clicking on the 'Bind'
button in the 'Schneider Automation CNFXP' window.

The following example, uses a remote address of '2.21.0' to connect to the PLC and the
local host 'XWAY' address of the PC is set at '2.25'.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL182353 V1.0, Originally authored by AlCh on 03/19/2007, Last Edited by AlCh on 03/19/2007
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