How to convert Short Comments to Long Comments in a ProWORX 32 project



Goals and Symptoms

Convert Short Comments to Long Comments in a ProWORX 32 project.

Facts and Changes

ProWORX 32 version 2.xx

Causes and Fixes

ProWORX 32 lacks the ability to print Short Comments on the same page as the Logic network
printout. It only allows the printing of Long Comments on the network printout. This may be a problem
for ProWORX NxT users that convert a project containing only Short Comments to a ProWORX 32

The following procedure provides a workaround to convert the 'Short Comments' to 'Long Comments' so
that they can be printed with the network. (The resolution is very lengthy but, it should only take about 5
minutes to perform the conversion.)

Before the 'Short Comments' can be converted to 'Long Comments', the text from the four separate
'Short Comment' lines will need to be merged in a temporary worksheet.

· Open the 'ProWORX 32' project.
· Export the documentation to an Excel spreadsheet by right-clicking on the project name and

  • selecting 'Export\Documentation'

· Open the Excel spreadsheet that the documentation was exported to.
· Click on the horizontal scroll arrow that can be found at the bottom left corner of the spreadsheet until
the 'Network' tab is displayed.

  • Click on the 'NETWORK' tab to open the sheet.

  • Scroll across the sheet to view the 'Short Comments' column.
  • Highlight the four 'Short Comments' columns.
  • Right click and select copy.

  • Create a new temprorary blank worksheet.
  • Paste the 'Short Comments' columns to the new worksheet.
  • Insert a column between the 'Short Comments' columns (In my
example, the extra columns are shown highlighted in grey)
  • Resize the new column to 2 character widths.
· Click on the first cell of the new column, add a space using the spacebar and hit the 'Enter' key
to insert a carriage return. (The carriage return is used to separate the 'Short Comment' lines
when they are merged.)
  • Repeat the last step for the other new columns.
  • Click on the the letter for the column field (i.e., 'D' in my example below) to highlight it.
  • Type the keys 'Ctrl-D' to fill down the column.
  • Repeat the last two steps for the other extra columns.

(The steps in this page is used to create the formula for merging the 'Short Comments'.)
  • Click on the cell in Row 1 Column A and type in '='.
  • Click on the cell in Row 1 Column C and type in '&'

  • Click on the cell in Row 1 Column D and type in '&'.

  • Click on the cell in Row 1 Column E and type in '&'.
  • Click on the cell in Row 1 Column F and type in '&'.
  • Click on the cell in Row 1 Column G and type in '&'.
  • Click on the cell in Row 1 Column H and type in '&'.
  • Click on the cell in Row 1 Column I and type in '&'.
  • Hit the Enter key.

If steps are followed correctly, you should see something similiar the following.

Note: If you make a mistake, clear the error using the backspace key, There is a Microsoft bug where
if the enter key is hit and the user tries to go back and edit hte cell, Excel will only return the formula
and not the merged text.
  • Click on column 'A' to highlight it.
  • Type the keys 'Ctrl-D' to fill down the column with the formula that was type in. (This is the step where all of the
four 'Short Comment' lines are merged into one comment.)

  • When the fill-down operation is complete, the merged 'Short Comments' will be displayed in colun 'A'.

  • Highlight the 'Short Comments'.
  • Right-click and select copy. (This copies the merged 'Short Comments' to the clipboard)

  • Switch to the 'ProWORX 32' exported documentation database spreadsheet.
  • Click on the 'LONG COMMENT' tab to open the sheet.
  • Scroll down and locate the next free cell for the 'Long Comment' column which will also not
have an assigned 'Long Comment Number'

  • Starting at the next free cell, highlight the appropriate number of cells in the 'Long Comments'
  • Right-Click and select 'Paste Specia'l.

  • Click on the radio button labeled 'Values' in the 'Paste Special' window.
  • Click on 'OK' to close the 'Paste Special' window.

(This shows the merged 'Short Comments' imported into the project's documentation database.)

  • Add in the new 'Long Comment' numbers.
  • Highlight the cells containing the new numbers,
  • Right-Click and select Copy.

  • Click on the 'NETWORK' tab.
  • Locate the line that has the number 1 and click on it to select it.

  • Scroll across the sheet to view the 'Long Comments Number' column.
  • Click on the cell for the 'Long Comment Number' to deselect the row.
  • With the cell still highlighted, Right-Click and select 'Paste'.

  • Save the spreadsheet.
  • Backup the 'ProWORX 32' project.
  • Open the 'ProWORX 32 project'.
  • Right-click on the project name and select 'Import Documentation\Overlay'.

If you type in a network number in the 'Documentation' window, it will show the 'Long Comments'
that were converted over.,

  • Click on 'File\Report Setup' to bring up the 'Report Setup' window..
  • Select 'Network Long Comment' in the 'Report Setup' window.
  • Click 'Print Preview'.

Open the page for the Network to view the it's 'Long Comment'.


Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL181763 V1.0, Originally authored by AlCh on 01/25/2007, Last Edited by AlCh on 01/25/2007
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