What Web Services are available with the FactoryCast SOAP/XML Server?



There are two SOAP/XML Web Services available with the FactoryCast SOAP/XML Server.
1. ModbusXMLDA Web Service - This service allows direct access to PLC variables by physical address.
The operations available are ReadDeviceIdentification, ReadMultipleRegisters, WriteMultipleRegisters, ReadCoils, WriteMultipleCoils, and ReadDiscreteInputs.

2. SymbolicXMLDA Web Service - This service allows access to PLC variables via symbolic name.
The operations available are Read, Write, and Browse. The variables must be located variables.

Limitations: Only standard register variables are available. No access to unlocated variables.
The Web services are not intended to replace real-time drivers for large data exchanges, such as OPC or proprietary drivers.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL181140 V1.0, Originally authored by DaSo on 12/18/2006, Last Edited by DaSo on 12/18/2006
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