Homing type 35 with Lexium 05



Goals and Symptoms

How to perform an Homing Type 35 by the MC_Home function block, when using a Lexium 05?

Causes and Fixes

The HMmethod=35 is not available in MFB as HTYPE for the MC_HOME with Lexium05. But all other Homing Type are available.
It will be an implementation on the Homing Type 35 for Lexium05 in Unity Pro V4.0.

Waiting for that, you can use this Htype 35 by the SDO way. For this you have to use the MC_WRITEPARAMETER to send the Index:Subindex.
HMmethod 6098 : 0h value=35
HMp_setpusr 301B:16h value= as you want for the homing position value.

Remember that you have to be in homing OPMODE:
1- DCOMopmode 6060:0h value=6
2- you have to manage correctly the length

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL180494 V1.0, Originally authored by JeCa on 11/15/2006, Last Edited by JeCa on 11/15/2006
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