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Goals and Symptoms

load veering
Firmware software evolution

Facts and Changes

ATV71 HD90N4, HC11N4, HC13N4, HC16N4, HC20N4, HC25N4, HC28N4, HC31N4, HC40N4, HC50N4.

Hosting application, crane application

Causes and Fixes

Following VVD Info 4775 : ATV71 > 75Kw 400V

BLF fault => Resolve with firmware version higher than V1.1IE09 Week 42-2006

Unbalance motor current (>15%) => Resolve with firmware version higher than V1.1IE08 (< 5%) Week 14-2006 90 - 110 KW & Week 23-2006 >110Kw

With DC bus connection in parallele or with a network braking unit :
- INFB : internal thermal probe of braking unit without braking unit... => fault inibition with firmware > V1.1IE08
- BUF : BRA set to No without braking resistor => It's possible to deseable this protection with hidden menu AP01 bit 9 (AP01 = 512).
All this problem will be resolve with the future V1.2 parameter Bub.

INF3 : Problème with terminal board, due to a noise on the power removal, all the drive after week 6 of 2006 have a new terminal board more robust.

The brake sometimes didn't close yet in hosting in down direction ( in metellurgy manufacturer). The speed estimation RFR reach to the speed engage frequency + the sleep of the motor. => Sometimes the torque control is activate in case of speed regulation, this problem is resolve with V1.2 version.

If you have a V1.1 and there is always several SCF1 tripping, or load veering in CLI on hosting application, sometimes you can also have some vibration...
It have to be necessary to flash the drive to V1.2, this version have been test several time, and the TUN result is much better than V1.1.and it isn't necessary to optimize the motors parameters in expert menu.

General rule to verify the motor Control Expert parameter, after Aututun :

R1 = Don't touch this value, in general up to two motor in parallel this value is robust. UFR is % is link to this value, to high value can made a saturation.
Id = Normally this current is ~ 40% of Ncr for HHP.
If LF > 200% of the value before TUN, for a 400V motor, we suggest to set LF = 10% de 1/ID. Lf is the leakage inductance motor. A high LF can generate some vibration, a low LF can never start the motor.
T2 adapt the sleep compensation and the fluxing time. Today we have never seen any influence of this parameter.

If after this setting there is always some SCF fault durring running it could be necessary to increase the busy band of the speed loop, decrease SPG (30) and increase SIT (200). We remember you that the maximum lengh motor cable no shielded in SVCI or FVC are 300 meter with a output choke, see catalogue.

You can have some more explanation about the firmware evolution on the Lotus Notes Database.

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