What are the limitations of the FactoryCast HMI 'Database Connection ' Service?



The maximum number of Database Connection services for the two module types (140NWM10000 and the TSXWMY100) is 3.
The maximum number of Database connections that can be configured is 10 per service.
Each 'Database' Action defined is considered a connection that logs the defined variables based upon the configured event.
Each connection can write to a table with a maximum number of 50 columns per table.
The 'Database Connection' service supports connections to the Oracle 8i, MySql, SQL Server databases.

Additionally, The maximum number of all services for a Quantum NWM module is 6 and the maximum number of all services for a Premium WMY module is 7.

Operation of a "Database connection" Service
The Database connection service uses technologies, which in some cases, are not able to guarantee good transmission of information. As a consequence, avoid the use of this service for transmission of data or information of a critical nature concerning human and material safety. Failure to follow this precaution can result in death, serious injury, or EQUIPMENT damage.