How to find the lost IP address of an ETG100 Modbus to Ethernet Bridge



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How to find the lost IP address of an ETG100 'Modbus to Ethernet Bridge'

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Causes and Fixes

The lost IP address of a ETG100 'Modbus to Ethernet Bridge' can be found by examining the
Ethereal trace of the Ethernet TCP/IP communications using the following steps.

  • Launch Ethereal
  • Start the Ethereal trace.
  • Reboot the ETG100 (This can be performed by either power cycling the bridge or pressing the
reset button. (insert a paper clip into the slot (there is a symbol of a wrench next to the indicator light on top of the slot) located
on the bottom right front of the bridge.

When the bridge reboots, it will send an ARP request with the bridge s IP address which can be seen in the trace.

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