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How to interpret the Ethernet Status Indicator lights on a TSX P575634 and TSXP574634 PLC



Goals and Symptoms

To help the user interpret the state of the Ethernet TCP/IP connection on a TSX P575634 and
TSXP574634 PLC, using the status indication lights on the PLC.

Facts and Changes

TSX P575634 and TSXP574634

Causes and Fixes

The following table can be used to help intepret the diagnostic state of the Ethernet TCP/IP connection on the
Premium/Unity Co-Processor PLC's (p/n TSX P575634 and TSXP574634), using the status indication lights (I/O.
STS and ACT) on the PLC..

I/O STS ACT Description
Off Off Off No power is being provided to the Ethernet port of the PLC.
Check the power supply to ensure that it is properly functioning
or adequately sized.
On Steady Off   The Ethernet link is not operational.
text Steady
text Awaiting Ethernet configuration or configuration is in process.
text 2 flashes text No MAC address found
text 3 flashes text Ethernet cable is not connected.
text 4 flashes text Duplicate Ethernet TCP/IP IP address detected.
text 5 flashes text Waiting for a response from a BOOTP server
text 7 flashes text Executive firmware version for the Ethernet port is incompatible with the
executive firmware version of the Premium PLC.
Off On Steady text The Ethernet link is configured and operational.
Off On Steady Flashing Ethernet communication normal and is sending/receiving.


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