What is the Concept EFB Toolkit?



The Concept EFB Toolkit is an independent tool that enables the user to create user defined functions and function blocks which can be used many times in different applications. Blocks are developed in C which is used because of its scope and functionality.
The version of the Concept EFB Toolkit is tied to the version of Concept that is used to program the function blocks. These blocks can be used in all Concept's IEC languages. The functions are saved in libraries independent of the respective application. (\Concept\LIB). The technology and structure of the function blocks is transparent to the user programming the block.
The Borland C 5.01/5.02 compiler is necessary and is bundled with the Toolkit as well as the 16-bit and 32-bit variants of the Turbo Assembler.

The part number is 332SPU47001.

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