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Input count range for the ADU205 Compact I/O module changes after converting from an A145 to a E275.



Goals and Symptoms

Why does the Input count range for the ADU205 Compact I/O module change after converting from
a Compact 984-A145 PLC to a Compact 984-E275 PLC.

Facts and Changes

The input count range for the ADU205 Compact IO module is defined as 2049-6143 for an input range of
-20mA to +20mA. When the PLC type is changed to 984-E275, the input count range is changed and the
module input irange s no longer valid for the application.

Causes and Fixes

According to the 'Modicon A120 Seris I/O Modules User Guide', this is a normal behavior for the module.
The problem is due to the different input resolution used for the 984-E2xx Compact PLC.

To resolve the problem:

  • Open the rack view
  • Click on the BADU205 module in the rack view.
  • Clcik on the button that is located next to the 'Card Config' textbox.

1.) Selecti the option for 13-bits resolution with the channel configured as -20mA/+20mA. This will provide an
equivalent input count range with that obtained from the Compact A145 PLC..

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