How to Install the M1-Advantys.mdc File to Concept



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This Resolution describes the steps required to install the M1-Advantys.mdc file into Concept.

Goals and Symptoms

The attached MDC (M1-Advantys.mdc) file is used exclusively with Concept Programming software to allow Momentum processors to operate Advantys Islands on a Momentum IO Bus network. An Interbus NIM (STBNIB2212) is the interface used on an island communicating on the IO Bus network.

Facts and Changes

The following Step-Action document describes how to install the M1-Advantys.mdc file into Concept.
mdc Installation Instructions for M1E and Advantys Islands-a.zip

Causes and Fixes

When mapping Advantys Islands on an IO Bus network, do not use the Generic map '170-IOBUS-xxx'. Instead, always use the compatible 'Advantys-0xxx' selection. If a Generic IO map is selected for an Advantys island, all inputs will read as zero if an input or output fault occurs on that module. With the 'Advantys-0xxx' selected, inputs will be read normally if an input or output fault condition occurs.

When changing the configuration of an island by adding or removing modules, the drop must be reconfigured using the Advantys Configuration Software. When using the Auto-configuration button on the front panel of the NIM, power down the island and make the changes by adding or removing the modules. Power-up the island and push the auto-configuration button. When auto-configuration is complete, power cycle the island.


M1-Advantys.mdc file
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