After installing VJLV2.5 + V2.6 update on a PC "A", how to transfer the license "VJLUPDNCHV26M" on another PC? What do you install on ...



Goals and Symptoms

After installing VJLV2.5 + V2.6 update on a PC "A", how can the customer transfer the license "VJLUPDNCHV26M" on an other PC?
What do you install on the PC "B" VJLSMDBTMV25M or VJLUPDNCHV26M ?

Facts and Changes

VJL update V2.5 V2.6 install transfer

Causes and Fixes

1- On a PC A, install a "VJLUPDNCHV26M" after having previously installed and authorized a V2.5 version.
A VJL V2.6 is now authorized on your PC A. (not a V2.5 updated in V2.6 : a real V2.6 is authorized. The V2.5 is no more authorized)

2- On a PC B, install VJL V2.6 (to do this you can use the "VJLUPDNCHV26M" CDrom).
- If you can enter directly the reference "VJLSMDBTXV26M" at the install on the PC B, it s good (this reference is according to the version you want to have : here, I have written "VJLSMDBTXV26M" for a BuildTime X version, but you can replace the B by T for RunTime, and X by L for Large for instance).
- But sometimes, according to what you previously did on the PC B, the reference field "VJLUPDNCHV26M" can be grayed and unmodifiable.
Then click next.
Your version V2.6 will be installed on the PC B (but in trial period : 21 days).

3- From the PC A : transfer the V2.6 authorization from this PC A to a removable media such as a USB key for instance. Use the VJL Registration tool for that.

4- On the PC B, using the Registration tool, transfer the authorization from the removable media. Your PC B has now a VJL V2.6 authorized.

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