STBACO1225 Field Wiring Shown Incorrectly



Goals and Symptoms

The purpose of this resolution is to provide the correct field wiring pinouts for the STBACO1225 Analog Current Output module.

Causes and Fixes

The STB Hardware Components Reference Guide, p/n 890USE17200, v3.0 and current STBSPU1000 (v2.00, 1/2006) on-line help incorrectly show pin 3 of the STBACO1225 terminal blocks as output to field actuators. Pin 2 is the correct output point for this module. The wiring diagram printed on the module's side is correct. Reference these illustrations for proper module wiring;

The following field wiring example shows how two single-ended analog actuators can be wired to the STBACO1225 module. Two separate external power supplies are needed to make sure that the proper current is delivered to each actuator.

If you want to use 24 VDC from the islands actuator bus to power a single-ended analog field device, this power can be delivered through the output module. To do this, use pins 1 and 6 as follows


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