STB 3 Input AND Reflex Action Negated Input Issue



Goals and Symptoms

The purpose of this resolution is to alert users of Advantys Configuration Software, p/n STBSPU1000, to an issue that will occur when creating 3-Input AND STB Reflex Actions.

Facts and Changes

Version 2.00 of the Advantys configuration software does not properly display a negated Input 3: status for a 3-input AND Reflex Action Function block after the Reflex Action is saved.
The following screen capture shows the programmed state after creating the AND function and checking the Negate boxes for Input 2 and Input 3, but before clicking on the OK box:

Notice that Input 3: is negated. If you click OK, close the reflex editor and later open it again, the screen will show as follows:

Notice that Input 3: is no longer shown as negated (inverted). The actual reflex block is stored correctly, it is just not displayed properly. The Reflex Editor will not change the state of the input's negate function unless explicitly changed. If the above block is edited, and the negate checkbox remains untouched, the input will still remain negated even though the display does not show it.

Causes and Fixes

STBSPU1000 v2.20 expected in March 2006 will maintain the proper display. Users should be aware that a new registration utility will be used in v2.20. Authorization transfers between it and older STBSPU1000 versions are not possible. Authorization transfers from older software versions to v2.20 will execute properly.

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