Programming problems with ASFLSH004 from Pretec



Goals and Symptoms

Due to the evolution in the memory market the ASFLSH004 had to be changed to manufacturer Pretec. The internal timing of the new Flash card is slightly different to the old one. This could cause timeouts during programming with e.g. Proworx or Concept together with Compact EXECs older V2.18E. If the flash is programmed no functional problem in the CPU with older EXECs is known.

Facts and Changes

ASFLSH004 from manufacturer Pretec
Compact EXECs older V2.18E

Causes and Fixes

Use the EXEC V2.18E or newer for all Softwareversions of Modsoft, Proworx and Concept V2.5 or newer. Concept V2.2 and older cannot use this EXEC and should be updated to the newest version of Concept (actually Concept V2.6 SR3).

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