How can I achieve maximum redundancy with my Hot Standby/SCADA system?



To protect against media and Ethernet device failure, consider the following:

1. Redundant Monitor Pro SCADA servers at v7.2 or higher.
2. Mesh Ethernet network using Rapid Spanning Tree protocol on ConneXium 499NxS27100 Ethernet switches
3. Or, ConneXium self-healing Ethernet Ring on the 499NxSx7100 Ethernet switches
4. Redundant Hot Standby PLC's with Quantum 140NOE771x1 modules connected to separate ConneXium switches

Note: Shown are dual Ethernet adapters in the SCADA servers. 2 or more adapters can be bound to a single IP address for adapters that support such a feature. Intel adapters support such a feature known as 'NIC Teaming'.

This will allow for PLC, SCADA server, Ethernet switch, and Ethernet media failure and continue operating.

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