Why is the Download selection in Vijeo Designer grayed out?



Why is the Download selection in Vijeo Designer grayed out?

Product Line
Vijeo Designer configuration software

Windows PC

There can be a few different cases for why the Download feature is grayed out:

Case 1: In Vijeo Designer v6.1 and older, the Download function is disabled if the application is not registered.
Case 2: In Vijeo Designer v6.2, the Download function will be disabled if:
 (a) the installation's trial period has expired if it is not registered or
 (b) Vijeo Designer is installed as the free "Limited Edition", which will only allow download to HMISTO and HMISTU series Magelis screens or
 (c) Vijeo Designer is installed as "Limited Edition" under SoMachine.

For Case 1 and Case 2(a):
Purchase the software license, then register the product using the registration wizard.

For Case 2(b),
Purchase the software license, uninstall Vijeo Designer Limited Edition, then re-install it with the purchased Reference and Serial Numbers.

For Case 2(c),
Run the product in SoMachine as part of the SoMachine product or purchase and install a Standalone version of Vijeo Designer on a separate PC.
(Vijeo Designer Standalone version and SoMachine cannot be on the same Windows machine)