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What file extensions make up a Taylor DOS 884 project?



Below is a list of file extensions which make up a Taylor DOS 884 project:

.NWF Network logic files
.NWP Network logic pointers
.BLK Network Block
.CMS Short Comments
.CML Long Comments
.TTL Title Comments
.DAR Descriptor data
.DAP Descriptor pointers
.BIN T-Cop register card types (binary file)
.BIN S901 assigned cards (binary file)
.XRR X-ref data
.XRP X-ref pointers
.TKB Key-Mnemonic assignments
.DAT Configuration: screen colors & comm. parameters
.CF8 Configuration & revision histories
.LST Output listing
.FIL Export ASCII file
.IMP Import file
.ASC ASCII message file
.TPN Printer configuration (user configurable)

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