Monitor Pro 7.2 SP3: a RUN TIME only Client may work as a BUILD-TIME Client



Goals and Symptoms

From a RUN-TIME only PC, you start the Client Builder.

If no BUILD-TIME license is available, this status message is displayed:

By clicking <Yes>, you run a RUN-TIME only Client Builder session.

But if a BUILD-TIME license is available, you run a BUILD-TIME Client Builder session.

Causes and Fixes

The problem is located in the ClientBuilder.ini file (by default in Program files\Telemecanique\Common\Client Builder\Program directory)

What the file actually contains:

  • [Options]
    ; 0 - Design-time
    ; 1 - Run-time

The DefaultExectionMode=1 should be the right line in this file that is installed on a RT only system, with no ; at the beginning.

To fix the issue, replace the line
  • ;DefaultExecutionMode=0

By the line
  • DefaultExecutionMode=1

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