What is the TSX ESY 007 module?



The TSX ESY 007 module will allow you to keep the TSX7 Racks and I/O modules and upgrade you system to UNITY V2.1 or later.
The TSX ESY 007 Module acts as gateway for retrieval of I/O of TSX Series 7 PLC racks to a Premium PLC, via the I/O extension bus (TSX LES 20, TSX LES 200 or TSX LFS 200 modules). It is intended for upgrading automated systems equipped with programmable TSX Series 7 Plc's 40 (47, 67, 87 and 107 in version V2, V3, V4 or V5).

It is mounted in a Premium rack equipped with a Premium UNITY V2.10 minimum processor. The configuration of this coupler in UNITY Pro is protected by access rights. These rights may only be used by Schneider Services Industries entities in France, and abroad by Schneider Services entities or otherwise by its representatives.
Recovery of the PL7-3 program of the system to be upgraded is possible through the successive use of PL7-3/PL7 Pro and PL7 Pro/UNITY Pro converters.

General Presentation of TSX ESY007 Module.zip

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