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ProWORX 32 returns prompt for Unity installation CD when it is started



Goals and Symptoms

ProWORX 32 returns prompt for inserting the Unity installation CD when it is started.

Also attempts to open the logic editor returns the following message

"Error Obect=frmsearchsetup.frm, (this is in the title bar of the error message box), the error states: Error source
Environment Project Name: ERROR Object = frmsearchsetup.frm Method=Initialize Err=438 Object does not
support this property or method Erl=0 .LastErr=0"

Facts and Changes

This is the result of a corrupted installation where all of the registry settings may not have been properly replaced
or added during the installation or update of ProWORX 32. Some remnant of the Unity software installation could
also be resident in the cache folder (....Local Settings\Temp...) for the user profile. Since the installation routine for
both Unity and ProWORX uses Active-X and some VB components, the execution of a particular VB component
during the start of ProWORX 32 could be causing it to launch the installation routine for Unity. This could typically
occur in any software that did not completely clean out the cache during the installation. (I have seen this occur
with Microsoft Office and the installation of other non-Schneider software.). Failure to clean out the cache could
be due to some registy or security setting in the PC operating system that prevents it from occurrng.

Causes and Fixes

To resolve this problem, use the following procedure :

  • Uninstall ProWORX 32
  • Run the Register Lite (after installing the attached file) .....this file can also be obtained from
  • Using Register Lite, search for the 'proworx' and 'prwx' entries and delete them.


Here are some screen captures to help you use Register Lite.

Click on the magnifying glass to get:

Type in the word registry and proworx in the textboxes:

Click on the magnifying glass to get:

Highlight the returned results and right click on them and select 'Delete Selected Registry Keys and Values'.

Click on the All button

Open the folder .....Local Settings\Temp which can be found under your folder for the operating system's user
profile and delete the temporary files and folders for Unity.

Re-install ProWORX 32 version 2.0.

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