Can the FTX117 hand held programmer be used for off-line program development of a TSX07 Nano PLC?



Yes; however in order to use the FTX117 for off-line development the user must have both an optional power supply and an optional PCMCIA memory card for the FTX117.
Two models of power supply were offered:

  • TFTXADC11 (110/120 VAC)
  • TFTXADC12 (200/240 VAC)
Three models of PCMCIA cards were offered:
  • TFTXREM3216 (EEPROM 32K)
  • TFTXRSM3216 (Protected RAM 32K)
  • TFTXRSM12816 (Protected RAM 128K)
None of these items are still actively sold. If the user would like off-line programming capability with the FTX117 and currently does not already have both a power supply and a PCMCIA card for it they should contact SERVICE.SALES@US.SCHNEIDER-ELECTRIC.COM for sales information on these items.