Is there a status bit in the PLC that signals when someone is presently logged in?



This feature has been added to Concept 2.6 SR2B. It is supported by the PLC types listed below. When someone is logged in to the PLC the 3rd bit from the right is set in PLC_STAT word 1.
It requires updating the firmware to the versions shown below. This information is also listed in the Concept 2.6 SR2-patch B Readme file.

Q186V242.bin Quantum 16 bit LL984
Q1SV242D.bin Quantum 16 bit IEC
Q486V220.bin Quantum CPU 424
Q58V120E.bin Quantum 32 bit High End 434/534
Q5RV129E.bin Quantum 32 bit HIgh End Redesign 434A/534A
CTSX217E.bin Compact CPU 258 - 285
M1EV123E.bin Momentum Ethernet IEC


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