Does the Momentum family offer a 12 VDC powered I/O base with analog I/O?



Yes, the new Momentum 170AMM09001, Mixed I/O base provides Four analog inputs and Two analog output channels, along with Four 12 VDC discrete inputs and Two 12 VDC discrete outputs. The 12 VDC discrete Inputs/Outputs use True High Logic (sinking inputs and source outputs).

The following are the features of the Momentum 170 AMM 090 01 Mixed I/O Base:


  • 4 differential analog inputs w/user selectable input ranges (± 10 V, ±. 5 V, 1-5V, ± 20 mA, and 4-20 mA )
  • 2 analog outputs w/user-selectable output ranges (O ± 10 V and 0-20 mA)
  • 4 discrete 12 VDC true high inputs (sinking)
  • 2 discrete 12 VDC true high outputs (1 amp per point, source)
  • 12 VDC power supply

    This module has UL, CSA and CE approvals.

    This module has been submitted for and is pending FM Class I, Division II, Groups A, B, C, & D


    The Momentum 170AMM09001 Mixed I/O Base module can be configured as the existing module model 170AMM090, since the I/O map for both modules are identical, using either ProWORX or Concept control software packages.