DBGEN Error of DFB's during Upload with Concept V2.6 SR1 or newer



Goals and Symptoms

An existing project could be downloaded without errors, but the upload causes errors together with DFB's. You get the following error message:
DBGEN Error: DFB 'name' corrupted (counting offsets, error -3408); please reopen DFB with DFB Editor, enforce new text compilation and save.

Facts and Changes

Concept V2.6 SR1 or newer

Causes and Fixes

The cause of the error comes from a project, which was first programmed with Concept V2.5. The affected DFB's are programmed in ST. The Code Generation Options in Concept V2.5 were set to fastest code. In this case the DFB's are compiled in a so called small mode. But for Upload in Concept V2.6 you need the DFB's compiled in the large mode. That is why the DFB's can't be generated during Upload without errors. You can fix the DFB problem in 2 ways:
a)Export and Import the uploaded or original project with the Concept Converter.
b)Use in Concept V2.6 the function "Project / Update datatypes in nested DFB's".

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