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What replaces the 8020SCP311, 8020SCP312, 8020SCP313, 8020SCP321, 8020SCP322, and 8020SCP323 SY/MAX controllers?



The 8020SCP311, 8020SCP312, 8020SCP313, 8020SCP321 8020SCP322 and 8020SCP323 SY/MAX controllers can all be replaced by the 8020SCP401 SY/MAX controller. The 8020SCP401 has at least double the memory (4K) of any of the other controllers listed and supports all of the same logical instruction calls possible with the other listed models.
It should be noted that the 8020SCP401 solves logic faster (4.1 msec/k of boolean, 7.9 msec/k nominal as opposed to 30 msec/k) than the model 300 controllers. This can be a consideration in time dependent applications.
It should also be noted that the 8020SCP401 programs its FIFO instruction differently than the other listed controllers which can cause the need for program alteration.

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