Incompatibility of the TSXPCI57204M (PV<=03) with TSXCPP110



Goals and Symptoms

The goal of this resolution is to warn of a dysfunction between the TSXPCI57204M (PV<=03) and the TSXCPP110 (or TSXCPP100) Can open PCMCIA card.

Facts and Changes

During the Unity V2 test campaign, an hardware problem has been found between the TSXPCI57204M main processor card and the PCMCIA interface in 8 bits exchange mode, which is used by the CAN open PCMCIA cards.
In fact the TSXPCI57204M (PV<=03) belongs to the UNITY V1 launch, which had not Can Open in it's set of functions.

The problem can appear only if a user loads the Unity V2 firmware in his TSXPCI57204M (V1) and wants to use a TSXCPP110 (or old TSXCPP100) Can open PCMCIA interface. In this case the CAN Open functions do not work.

Causes and Fixes

This problem has been fixed by an evolution of the printed flexible circuit between the two listed elements, giving a new product version (TSXPCI57204M PV 04), which belongs with CAN Open to the UNITY V2 launch .

If a customer is in the case listed above (use of CAN with an incompatible TSXPCI57204M) , he can ask for an upgrade of his CPU by the Schneider standard way.

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