Precaution with auxiliary 24 DVC of TSXPSYxxxx



Release Notice

This recommendation applies to TSXPSY2600M, TSXPSY5500M and TSXPSY8500M , AC power supplies of the Premium range.

Goals and Symptoms

TSXPSY2600M, TSXPSY5500M and TSXPSY8500M provide a 24 VDC auxiliary voltage for powering of I/O APS_SENSORS and actuators. The characteristics of the total consumed current must be in accordance with the possibilities (inrush current, nominal/normal current ..etc .) of this power supply.
The "load" must be as resistive as possible to be sure to obtain good results.
This precaution must be followed as close as possible to avoid problems like stop of CPU (indirect effect on the internal 5V).

For example, the use of this auxiliary voltage to "feed" an Advantys station (by its own power supply) is strictly inadvisable.

Facts and Changes

This resolution is only to prevent dysfunctionning by a bad use of this auxiliary voltage.

Causes and Fixes