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Documentation of TCP/IP statistics insufficient MBP_MSTR function 3



Goals and Symptoms

Documentation of TCP/IP statistics insufficient MBP_MSTR function 3

Facts and Changes

Unity-Pro v2.01 Primary 140NOE77111 v3.5 Connected at 10MB/HDX
Get local statistics word 3
1100 0011 1000 0000 c380: OK
1100 0011 0001 0000 c310: Disconnected NOK flash
1100 0111 0011 0000 c730: Disconnected NOK flash 2
Description in helpfile/manual, online describe bit 0, 14 and 15. What is the meaning of al these bits in the status register?

Causes and Fixes

The description on the help/online file in Unity pro is not correct for the NOE version 3.5. The description refers to the older version of NOE, corrections will be made for the documents.

Please refer to the information on page 147, Modicon Quantum with Unity Ethernet Network Modules User Manual, UNY USE 100 10 V20E, September 2004

The correct bits that you need to monitor are bits 6, 7, 8 respectively if you would like to see the APPL, LINK or RUN led status.

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